HI FOLKS, there are some news for you:


XMAS' FINEST: On Tuesday, 27th of December 2016, 19 h, we will play at the Nuremberg Hirsch, together with the legendary Nuremberg Band THE TRUFFAUTS who exist almost as long as the SHINY GNOMES. 60 years of Alternative-Rock history on one evening, get your ticket now! (www.concertbuero-franken.de)

New album: We are steadily rehearsing songs for the new record. Eight of ten or eleven are already done and the studio is booked in April and August. The new album, our 11th studio album, will be released in autumn 2017.

View back to the season 2016:

We had a bunch of outstanding concerts - all of them were well attended, the audience always being exited. At the gig in the Z-Bau in January there were even too many people - some dozens of our fans could not given access - sorry about this! We are doing very well  with our new bass player Andreas Rösel, who has brought a fresh breeze and much energy into the Gnomes' Empire. 


At the Altes Brauhaus Altdorf, 5th of March 2016 





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